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Births and Deaths

Gin  &  Soda.

Bondi Rhubarb Gin (NSW) $14

w. B&D Orange & Rosemary Soda + Burnt Rosemary

Four Pillars Yuzu Gin (VIC) $14

w. B&D Mandarin + Native Thyme Soda


Mt Uncle Botanic Australis Gin (QLD) $15

w. B&D Dessert Lime Soda + Pear

Boatrocker Jungle Gin (VIC) $15

w. B&D Yuzu Soda + Lime

Never Never Ginache Gin (SA) $16

w. B&D Paperbark Smoked Pepperberry Soda + Orange

Wolf Lane Navy Strength (QLD) $16

w. B&D Quandong Soda + Grapefruit

Gin & Tonic.

Stone Pine Dry Gin (NSW) $13

w. Strange Love Coastal Tonic + Native Aromatic Spray

Melbourne Gin Company Dry Gin (VIC) $14

w. Fever Tree Indian Tonic + Grapefruit

Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin (TAS) $14

w. Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic + Toasted Rosemary

Hickson Road Australian Dry Gin (NSW) $15

w. Long Rays Original Tonic + Orange

Archie Rose Bone Dry Gin (NSW) $15

w. CAPI Dry Tonic + Lemon

Giniversity Botanical Gin (WA) $15

w. CAPI Garden Tonic + Thyme

Never Never Distillery Med Gin (SA) $16

w. CAPI Melbourne Tonic + Grapefruit

House Cocktails.

Seasonal Snapper (26)

78 Degrees Desert Gin, Tomato Juice, Conor's Seasonal Herb & Vegetable Mix

Savoury, Moreish, Hangover Curing

Lucy Unit (21)

Brix White Rum, Orange Curacao, Desert Lime, Quandong Soda

Captains Cut (22)

West Winds Barrel Expedition, Marionette Mure, Autonomy Davo Plum Aperitif

Scrapping The Barrel (22)

Pork Fat Wash Rye, Coriander + Chilli Bacardi, Desert Lime, Jasmine Verte, Coconut Water

Near Miss (20)

Select Aperitif, Bitter Orange, Brandy, Vanilla, Orange Curacao, Honey Vinegar


All Australian Negroni (21)

West Winds Sabre Gin, Adelaide Hills Bitter Orange, Maidenii Sweet Vermouth

Wattleseed & Coffee Negroni (21)

Iron bark Wattleseed Gin, Mr Black Coffee Amaro, Davidson Plum Aperitif

Bushfire Smoked Negroni (23)

Botanic Australis Bushfire Smoked Gin, Madenii Sweet Vermouth, Poor Toms Imbroglio.


Negroni Flights (24)

Can't decide which one then choose any 3 of the above negronis to try on a tasting plate

Taps & Tinnies.

TAP - Black Hops G.O.A.T. Hazy IPA - 6% - (15)

TAP - Reub Goldberg X B&D Native Seltzer - 5.7% - (11)

TAP - Young Henrys Natural Lager - 4.2% - (9)

TAP - Garage Project "Pilgrams Blend" Barrel Aged Sour - 7.2% - (16)

5 Barrels Night Cap Milk Stout - 6% - (13)

Black Hops Lager - 4.4% - (10)

Capital Brewing Co. Dark Lager - 4.2% - (11)

Little Bang Chocolate Stout - 6.5% - (15)

Reub Goldberg Dry Hopped Pilsner - 4.8% - (11)

Red Wine.

Primo Estate 2021 Il Briccone: Shiraz/Sangiovese (McLaren Vale, SA) - 13/65

The smell is reminiscent of vanilla bean and ribena, with little pops of oregano and 5 spice. Ripe blackcurrant, cardamom wash over the palate with lovely balanced acidity, tart cherry and savoury spice. 

Ox Hardy Shiraz (McLaren Vale, SA) - 14/70

Heirloom 2019 Tempranillo (Piccadilly, SA) - 14/70

Think of fig and plum wrapped in a blanket of violets, cinnamon spice and fruity coffee. Tart cherry, earthy plum and tobacco start telling a joke before pronounced tannin steals the show, leaving you with an earthy woodiness on the finish.

Ox Hardy Grenache (McLaren Vale, SA) - 19/90

Nose of juicy fresh strawberry, lively florals and a hint of cinnamon. Palate leads to red cherries and chalky tannins.

Heirloom 2019 Pinot Noir (Piccadilly, SA) - 14/70

When you smell this Pinot, a mexican fiesta hits your nose: complete with savoury aromas of tomatoes, jalapeno and fennel seed, with a little cherry on top. Drinking the fiesta will fill your palate with raspberry acidity, fresh white pepper and tomato leaf. The finish is pleasant and bitter, like a digestif.

Bleasdale Cabernet Franc [served chilled] (Langhorne Creek, SA) - 12/58

Seeker Rad Ale - 4.2% - (11)

Seeker Twilight West Coast IPA - 6.5% - (15)

Spinifex Myrtle Summer Ale - 3.5% - (10)


Spinifex Western Australian Pale Ale - 5% - (11)

Two Bays Almond Milk Porter - 5.5% - (14)

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA - 0.05% - (8)


White Wine.

Forrest Hill 2021 Gewurtztraminer (Mount Barker, WA) - 13/60  

Smells like confectionary apple and lychee had a child. Balanced acidity on the palate, leading into notes of stone fruit and apple, leaving the palate with fresh ginger spice and citrus medly.

Parrish Vineyard 2021 Riesling (Coal River, TAS) - 16/80

Musk sticks and thyme and subtle green fruits on the nose. The palate is expressive: juicy pear, floral patchouli, finishing with chewy sourdough, lemon and beautiful mouthfeel.

Ox Hardy 2021 Fiano (McLaren Vale, SA) - 14/73

Aromas of green olive and sea spray wrapped up in a bed of elderflower. The palate is driven by granny smith apple and fresh Sicilian lemon sprayed with the sea and electric minerality in the mouth.

Chaffey Bros Kontra Punkt Kerner (Eden Valley, SA) - 13/60

orange & Rosé Wine.


Ashston Hills 2021 Pinot Noir x Pinot Gris (Ashton Hills, SA) - 18/90

Ripe, creamy strawberry floods the nose with traces of woody herbs and bitters. When it hits the tongue, cherry and cranberry meet for a chat, creating a real brightness on the palate and a chewy acidity. Rhubarb root bitterness comes and goes, finishing with ripe strawberry.

Dandelion Vineyards Rosé (Barossa, SA) - 13/60

Crunchy bright and intense aromatics of chilled red apple skin, fresh mulberry, dawn’s cranberries. a long and very clean channel of acidity, sluicing everything to palate’s lingering end. The textured and intense fruit qualities of red apple sorbet and raspberry ice cream marry well with said acidity and texture.


La Maschera Prosecco (Eden Valley, SA) - 11/50


Juniper & Lemon Myrtle Popcorn [Vegan, GF] (5)

The O.G B&D Bar Snack

Warm Olives [Vegan, GF](8) 

Marinated w. Native Botanicals

Native Spiced Popcorn Crocodile [GF] (18)

w. Lemon Myrtle Aioli or Apple Pulp Sauce.

Charcuterie [GF opt.] (18)

Salami, Proscuitto, Bush Tomato Relish, Olives

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